Monday, 25 February 2013

Baby... I'm ready

Well not quite at all, but: THE quilt is made.

It started with a humble triangle.

Which lead to some pieces being joined together...

(This isn't going to be a lengthy tutorial on how to make a quilt - there are far better people qualified to take you through that.)

But maybe you might take from this post: it's not as daunting as it might first seem.

Apart from this part which left my heart pounding long after I'd retired for the night: even after I'd drawn lines to follow - placing all my faith in the washability of the water soluble pen. (It was fine.)

I was so nervous about what was happening on the back of the quilt as I stitched the 3 layers together. Was it bunching or puckering? Were things lining up ok? (No and yes respectively, as it turned out.)

And so the final result is very satisfactory.

Not perfect. But first quilt ever. Done.

Post script: A year or so ago I was (repeatedly) asked by a prepared-to-pay-customer if I'd make her a quilt... my answer was (repeatedly) no. Never done it before. No experience (read: confidence). No time.

My answer would still be no.

But now I have done it, I have a huge new appreciation for those that do make them for paying customers. It's a time consuming process and not cheap (this cost me just under $100 in materials alone). I would retrospectively think twice about the gorgeous quilt I passed over for $150 in an Arrowtown store nearly 3 years ago - where the profit in that supply chain is I'll never know...

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