Thursday, 25 April 2013

Precious time

As you may know, we're awaiting the arrival of our first son (third child).

[Although, at risk of stating the obvious, we're not exactly sitting around idly waiting for him to make his appearance into the world.]

Back, in what seems like a long time ago, one of the reasons I was particularly keen for my second child to be another girl, had a lot to do with my emerging journey into sewing, making and creating.

Girls seemed so much easier to make things for.

Having now had my fill of 'pink' - I'm relishing the opportunity and challenge to sew for a boy.

And this afternoon, with my girls having quality time with their cousins and grandmother, I got some precious time to do just that.

Seriously easy to follow pattern found here

The lining of this reversible jacket comes from a South American poncho my Dad brought me home many years ago - and I never found a use for it: until now.

I have also made 2 baby blankets from this poncho - and seeing as it doesn't seem right to sell something that started out life as a gift... I've got one to give away.

And you get to do some giving too.

Valued at $45

Under this picture on The Penny Drops Facebook page, tag the name of someone you would like to see receive this.
I'll post it to them anywhere in NZ.
Names must be received before Friday 3rd May 2013.


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