Thursday, 27 June 2013

Pom pom proliferation

A (long) while back, I mentioned plans to make a pom pom rug - inspired by this image from the Poppytalk blog and found via Pinterest.

A visit to a couple of local secondhand shops netted sufficient wool and a loose weave backing (aka embroidery template) for the grand total of $9.

Then hours of pom pom making (an easy enough accompaniment to a spot of telly watching and/or a craft night with friends)...

Before sewing the multitude of pom poms onto the backing to form the mat.

It's not especially durable, nor comfortable (a bit lumpy underfoot), but is adding a layer of texture to our fairly monocromatic baby's room, and fulfilled the need to give it a go...

Could even be used as a photo prop - or just as an excuse to share a photo of the baby for whom it was created.




  1. So clever, I would never have thought to use a tapestry for the backing. I bet there was a fair amount of time involved to put this all together. Your little boy is just gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Leanne - lots of time for sure! As for the tapestry - it just happened to be in the right place at the right time: I believe the tutorial said to use hessian/burlap. The tapestry template worked well.