Monday, 28 January 2013

Painting (mis-)adventures

We all love painting in our house.

And the girls were very excited when I told them our plans for the day included making some art for their new bedroom.

Challenge: I've found their art tends to be made at Playgroup on thin paper that doesn't travel/keep well and in bright primary colours that don't necessarily suit our home - but I want them to have something of their own making in their new room.

Solution: I mixed some colours I liked and left them to it.

Kids can do 'abstract' paintings better than any adult trying to be abstract... the wee one stuck at it the longest.

Challenge: Not having 'washable' paints at home.

Solution: Outside seemed the best option to manage the mess of painting with non-washable paints.

(Although we did have one wee incident involving unmixed paint that was left in the kitchen and an unsupervised 2 year old who climbed on a chair to reach the bench... could've resembled a murder scene given the quantity of red paint our bench wore, but was able to be all cleaned up thankfully!)

But both very pleased and proud of their final efforts.

So am I.

Although the 'new room' seems an age away, we can't wait to put it all together.


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