Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sum of the parts

I'm still working this blogging 'thing' out.

What to include?

How it might fit with 'The Penny Drops' now... and into the future?

So I'm not sure about this post.

But I do intend to be light on words and let my images do the talking.

And I'm pretty excited to have been inside a lighthouse today: Waipapa Point.

And I'm enjoying these photos, showing the lighthouse as it's less often depicted: the sum of it's parts.

And as I've rarely seen it.

Photography has 'rules'.

(That are made to be broken.)

One is: that the sum of the parts can be greater than the whole.

 These sorts of pictures tell a story.

(Oh, and the locals were out in force too...)

Photography post-script: I was pretty happy with the 'SOOC' (straight out of the camera) images. But because I could, I applied a light sepia filter, tweaked the levels a bit and straightened a couple of horizons (because you can't always shoot straight when you're standing on a ladder 3 floors up - and 22 weeks pregnant - or with a two-year old on your hip - that's my excuse anyway).


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