Tuesday, 26 March 2013


It's taken a while.

Not that the choice has been immense.

(I'm learning first hand just how hard it is to find 'nice' fabrics for boys - in comparison to the multitude of choices for girls...)

But finally I have chosen - and made - a bassinet blanket for my boy.

Our son. Their brother.



Friday, 22 March 2013

Getting personal

I started this year with a list of personal projects - some of which had been in the planning/good intentions book for 2 years.

Reasonably good progress has been made, but as baby's arrival draws ever closer, one or two started flashing alarm bells at me: it's now or never.

Like doing something with my trip-of-a-lifetime photos.

Cue a limited time, half price offer and a deadline was set.

A week away from The Penny Drops ensued - but I now have something to show for this sacrifice - and I love it.

front cover

 3 sections

 back cover

I also have a massive blog-worthy list of what-not-to-do's when taking holiday snaps - stay tuned for that one to avoid making the same mistakes I've uncovered during editing.

And I'm resisting the urge to be one of those sterotypical post-holiday bores who insists that everyone at any opportunity must see their holiday photos - but if you happen to ask...



Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I'm very excited to be hosting Nikki, the talent behind WearzNella?, in my shop this weekend.

Open 1-4pm this Saturday.

She's bringing out her new season's range of skirts for ladies.

A WearzNella? skirt I bought in December has been a mainstay of my wardrobe this summer - and happily accommodating my growing baby belly heading into the colder months. I'm looking forward to teaming it with some tights and boots...

I've asked Nikki some questions ahead of Saturday's big open day:

What size range do you have? Sizing 10 - 18/20

What's your inspiration behind this new range? I have always enjoyed bright colours and clothing that is unique, funky and quirky. 
I decided to come up with a range that puts fabric combinations together that may not normally have been combined. 
I also wanted to provide the women in the larger size range the opportunity to let their personalities show through in their clothing... 

Are there any dominate colours - or a range? The dominant colours in this range are every colour under the sun, vibrant, fun and ready to brighten up the colder months.
Lots of spots and stripes mixed in to give the quirkiness. 

What length are the skirts? I provide a mixed length as I have taken on board feed-back, that not everyone is comfortable in a shorter length and showing their kneesies.  

Describe the style: There are now two styles available, A-line with a yoga style stretch band and a pencil skirt with zip for the dressy occasions. 

I can't wait to see them!



Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Dear Easter Bunny

I'm not sure whether it's you (or an assorted bunch of pixies) who have been pooping glitter all over my house.

(Did I capture a grainy glimpse of you the other day???)

But it is becoming clear that your arrival is imminent.

We paint eggs in pastel colours.

And make baskets to gather up said eggs (thank you for knowing better than to bring the chocolate variety to my house - because Grandparents do not - and that is quite enough chocolate). 

We even have an Easter decoration or two sneaking in for the first time ever.

But I wonder: there is so much about your season that is spring-y.

I sense Easter would not be quite the same decorated/painted/depicted by the rusty oranges, yellows, browns of our actual surroundings.

I grapple with this (although to a lesser extent than I do with the snowy baubles of a 'traditional' Christmas).

And I simultaneously admire the pretty budding branches entwined into wreaths, the soft pastels shades and the fresh bobbing blooms of the northern hemisphere's response to your coming.

I am conflicted.



Saturday, 9 March 2013

Potential and possibilities

"Sit for a moment.

Relish the possibilities that are yet to unfold.

Suspended before reality.

This day's potential is the sweetest place...

... to linger."

Applies as well to a new stash of fabric as any other situation I can think of at this present time xx


P.S. Original source of quote, from one of my tea cup prints: