Monday, 1 April 2013

A potted history

As I understand it, my shop was once the weekday residence of a farmer. 

Hence I justify calling it a cottage - although it is merely one small room.

It has also been the home of sheep (judging by the 'muck' I had to clean out from under the lino when I lifted it to whitewash the original floor boards)...

... A dog or two (evidenced by the paw prints I washed off the walls)...

... A teenage boy (who left copious sticky-tape residue on the walls, but - perhaps thankfully - not the pictures that were once taped there)...

... A duck hunter or two (with my apologies to those who still come duck shooting at our place and now have no 'lodge' to sleep in)...

... And a lot of junk.

I much prefer it's current incarnation.

The Penny Drops country shop is conveniently loacted 10mins from Edendale, or a 25min-half hour drive from either Gore or Invercargill, just off the Southern Scenic Route. It is open occasionally or happily by prior arrangement (if I'm home it can be open). My 2 lovely assistants love your visits - as do I.



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