Friday, 5 April 2013

Weekend d.i.y. - drawers makeover

Before: imagine a cheap set of mass produced MDF drawers with fake 'wooden' veneer... (sorry for lack of 'before' picture).

Add some coats of paint... and an image, quote or design of your chosing.

Supplies: nailpolish remover, a photocopied image and an old rag.

1) Place image on painted surface face down. (If using words, be sure to flip the image so the words read as though you are looking at them in a mirror!)

2) Apply nailpolish to paper liberally - literally soaking the paper with it and applying pressure until the paper rubs away.

3) I had a very disappointing outcome with this attempt. The image was very faint in some places so I painted over the vague outline using dilute black paint and a fine paint brush: no artistry involved - this was just a tracing task...

4) I have had thoughts of distressing the finished product and/or sealing it with a clear acrylic - but as yet have not done so...

Et voila: the finished product.

Although results may vary - as they did for me - this is a cheap project to undertake (nailpolish remover + photocopy), so little harm comes from giving it a go.



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