Thursday, 23 May 2013

A little goes a long way

We have a ballerina in the family.


And an aspiring ballerina.


I felt like making something for them for a change... working at home mother's guilt? About to interupt their cruisy little world with a teeny bundle who's going to hog lots of mum? Whichever. Time to spoil my girls.


Ballerina fabric choices were limited.


I don't love this one, but we decided it was the best of the four.


From the 30cm we purchased, I was able to make these items - with a bit of help from some other stock fabrics, and just enough left over for something else...

 the lot

Would love to psot a photo or two of the items in use... but camera time has been limited lately.

I'm missing it and feeling the need to take more photos - now that we're in our new house and that other new arrival is just round the corner...



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