Sunday, 9 June 2013

A waiting game

Official baby status around here is:

So we are rolling with the unexpected time on our hands and have an exciting garden project underway and lots of other fun things to do with the girls and Nana this week - all the while hoping our plans will be foiled by the arrival of a baby...

A few images from the room awaiting said baby:
 The drawers seen before in this post and a deliberately blurry glimpse at the pom pom rug (more on that later...)

 Baby's room is also our spare room: Cushions by The Penny Drops. 
Pillowcases from a market in Chirsthucrch, but I can't remember the name of the vendor - any ideas?

Also seen before 

New door hangers made by The Penny Drops 

A crocheted lampshade - but it doesn't fit the light fitting in the room, so now unsure what to do with it...

Urban ABC print - from The Penny Drops and also available in floral and botanical fonts.

I live in hope that the next post will have baby news...



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