Monday, 29 July 2013

New beginnings

Moving day arrived.
Quite a few days ago now, but it's all a blur with a 'new' baby in the house - 6 weeks is still new, right?

How I'm wishing I'd set up the tripod for some time laspe photography
Hindsight is not such a wonderful thing.

The crowds gathered.

That's the deck on the front of the tractor.

Move over swedes - here comes a shop.

Nearly there.

Deck since reassembled. Windows intact. Some landscaping still required.

Oh, and some product to go inside.

Time: I want to say "wherefore art thou?" but have just googled this and find it means why rather than where
Who knew?

So I'll just settle for: where the heck are you?
Ah, tucked away in hours spent with little people, nappies, baths, feeding, cuddles and all important sleep. That's where you went. It's all good. 



Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Naming rights

I've had this post planned for ages, so as the world awaits the naming of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's new baby, I swear this is pure coincidence.

Having anticipated a new baby myself this year, considerable thought has been given over to names.

And these crocheted names have been a particular pleasure this year; staring with this one for my own daughter which received a sizeable reaction from The Penny Drops Facebook likers:

I've found they make good gifts:

And have even been asked to make a few for real customers:

I've also made name plaques out of scrabble tiles:

Inspiration for using names decoratively abounds - but the first step is to choose a name.

Places we looked for inspiration included the traditional 'baby name book':

Given that we were expecting a boy, we explored the surname-as-first-name option by reading the phone book:

 For the record, I particularly liked Hewitt - ever heard of that as a first name?

Geographical names have maybe had their day, but I still looked at street names with added interest:

Using the name of a local small town street might not quite be the same as naming your child 'Paris', 'Milan', 'India' or 'Brooklyn'. 

The family tree came in for us in the end - with a twist.

And I suspect it might for the new prince too.

Probably minus the twist.



Tuesday, 9 July 2013

When time's up

For over a week, we waited.

Keeping busy with shopping, gardening, walking (trying - in vain - to induce labour), adding extra jalepenos to every meal and settling into our new house.

Induction day loomed - and many of you were kind enough to share your reassuring stories with me regarding the unfamilar situation in which I found myself. (A few held back on your not-so-reassuring stories - kindly touching base afterwards!)

After arriving at a stretched-to-capacity hospital, induction was deferred until after lunch.

Lunch came, waters were broken, labour commenced.

Long Short story short - two intense hours later Robson Thomas was in our arms.

Big sisters arrived in time for the weigh-in: a respectable 10lb 5.5oz, 59cm.

Biggest fish this family's ever landed for sure.

The next few days involved lots of big sister doting. And flowers.

The view's a little different now.

And then we're home. 
Three weeks, on the big sister doting continues. 
The sleep is possibly a little less broken (pregnancy and sleep is not a match made in heaven). 

The time is flying.
The camera is clicking.

 And mostly, life goes on - soaking up the little details of the new wittle man in our lives.