Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Naming rights

I've had this post planned for ages, so as the world awaits the naming of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's new baby, I swear this is pure coincidence.

Having anticipated a new baby myself this year, considerable thought has been given over to names.

And these crocheted names have been a particular pleasure this year; staring with this one for my own daughter which received a sizeable reaction from The Penny Drops Facebook likers:

I've found they make good gifts:

And have even been asked to make a few for real customers:

I've also made name plaques out of scrabble tiles:

Inspiration for using names decoratively abounds - but the first step is to choose a name.

Places we looked for inspiration included the traditional 'baby name book':

Given that we were expecting a boy, we explored the surname-as-first-name option by reading the phone book:

 For the record, I particularly liked Hewitt - ever heard of that as a first name?

Geographical names have maybe had their day, but I still looked at street names with added interest:

Using the name of a local small town street might not quite be the same as naming your child 'Paris', 'Milan', 'India' or 'Brooklyn'. 

The family tree came in for us in the end - with a twist.

And I suspect it might for the new prince too.

Probably minus the twist.



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