Monday, 29 July 2013

New beginnings

Moving day arrived.
Quite a few days ago now, but it's all a blur with a 'new' baby in the house - 6 weeks is still new, right?

How I'm wishing I'd set up the tripod for some time laspe photography
Hindsight is not such a wonderful thing.

The crowds gathered.

That's the deck on the front of the tractor.

Move over swedes - here comes a shop.

Nearly there.

Deck since reassembled. Windows intact. Some landscaping still required.

Oh, and some product to go inside.

Time: I want to say "wherefore art thou?" but have just googled this and find it means why rather than where
Who knew?

So I'll just settle for: where the heck are you?
Ah, tucked away in hours spent with little people, nappies, baths, feeding, cuddles and all important sleep. That's where you went. It's all good. 




  1. Such a beautiful spot, how lucky you are!

    1. Thanks Leanne - the view's tenfold better in the other direction: will grab a photo looking out from the shop soon!