Tuesday, 9 July 2013

When time's up

For over a week, we waited.

Keeping busy with shopping, gardening, walking (trying - in vain - to induce labour), adding extra jalepenos to every meal and settling into our new house.

Induction day loomed - and many of you were kind enough to share your reassuring stories with me regarding the unfamilar situation in which I found myself. (A few held back on your not-so-reassuring stories - kindly touching base afterwards!)

After arriving at a stretched-to-capacity hospital, induction was deferred until after lunch.

Lunch came, waters were broken, labour commenced.

Long Short story short - two intense hours later Robson Thomas was in our arms.

Big sisters arrived in time for the weigh-in: a respectable 10lb 5.5oz, 59cm.

Biggest fish this family's ever landed for sure.

The next few days involved lots of big sister doting. And flowers.

The view's a little different now.

And then we're home. 
Three weeks, on the big sister doting continues. 
The sleep is possibly a little less broken (pregnancy and sleep is not a match made in heaven). 

The time is flying.
The camera is clicking.

 And mostly, life goes on - soaking up the little details of the new wittle man in our lives.




  1. Just gorgeous Mel, congratulations to you all. Robson is a beautiful name and he is delish.

    1. Thanks Leanne. No arguments from me! ;)

  2. Holy Moly, can't believe you managed to grow such a big lad in your tiny frame! Does he take after his Dad?

    1. I can scarcely believe it myself. We had no idea! Dad was a small baby himself but now over 6ft so possibly that's where he gets it???

  3. Gorgeous Mel!! I love the way you write and your photography. Beautiful family. Enjoy! They grow so super fast :)

    1. Thanks Rach - still very much a novice but trying to let the pictures do most