Friday, 27 September 2013

Flying the coup

I sold a couple of pieces of art over the weekend.

Stocks are dwindling.

So I'm looking forward to dusting off the brushes soon. It's been a while.

These pieces are being sold framed - not my usual habit, but they look good in these distressed minty green frames.

As a pair or on their own. First in first served here.



P.S. Remember this jacket... now in action, with the addition of a button:

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bow Wow

The story starts with a photo.

Trip of a lifetime: Notre Dame, Paris, 2012

And continues with a recycling centre bargain ($10) frame.

As always, loving the Wanaka recycling centre

A cheap print job means the picture is frequently replaced.

And in the spirit of not wasting anything, this bow adorns our door for a recent party.

Make your own in any size and from any type of paper. We used my daughter's paintings to decorate preschool farewell gifts (we're off to school...). Tutorials abound online: like this link found via

A new picture is now in the frame, but not for long... already scheming the next supersized papercraft project.



Sunday, 8 September 2013

When four runs out

We are in complete birthday preparation mode for the next 2 weeks at our place.

 It all starts and ends with 5...

So we do the rounds of pre-school activities to say goodbye, add another couple of school visits to our quota and squeeze in a last-chance-to-fly-when-it-suits trip to Christchurch.

This brings the cake tally to 4 at last count.

[There's a gaggle of wee ballerinas who might like these rings just a bit, don't you think?]