Monday, 25 November 2013

Party Season

A third birthday recently celebrated in our family:

Inclement weather required the garage to be set up for the party...

...With a clothesline of photos of the birthday girl...

... and The Penny Drops' signature crocheted wire name set the scene on the food table.

Bringing the outdoors in - the tables draped in ivy and The Penny Drops fabric flowers.

A birthday set - that started with a t-shirt in the birthday girl's favourite colour.

Detail of the skirt.

The birthday girl enjoyed herself :)

We ate and drank...

Mini flower pots filled with edibles: chocolate crunch 'soil', sour apple 'stems' and fondant flowers.
Tip: if you want the flowers to stay upright, don't leave them sitting in the sun on a windowsill...

Rainbow fruit kebabs to go with the cake.

Fruit added to water is always a hit with the kids, to temper the other treats on offer.

And of course a cake.

Not so much a pot, as wee flecks of gold at the ends of the rainbow, hidden amongst the clouds comprised of mints, yoghurt covered dried fruits and marshmellows.