Monday, 24 February 2014

Round in circles

I'm flat out making these:

But have managed a break or two to drum up some new pieces.

Circles are my favourite shaped art at present.


This one was inspired by my 'need' to replace the Christmas decoration still hanging on the front door.

But this may be my favorite.

Looking good in a cluster as well. Loads of fun to be had selecting a few pieces and arranging them as an installation.

Here's one idea: +

I expect I'll be painting some more soon. But many more of these to make yet...


Saturday, 1 February 2014

Bringing back the love

Having relocated mid-way through 2013 and playing *significantly* forth fiddle behind three kids - one being a new baby - my poor shop was feeling - and looking - somewhat neglected.

I declared to my mother-in-law a coupe of weeks ago that it needed a bit of a refresh.

The transformation is now largely complete.

Today my 'baby' had her first outing...

Sporting a new garden: still very young for now but will be a nice wee triangle of garden when it grows up a bit, filled with scavenged plants divided from overgrown clumps around the home garden - mondo grass, agapanthus and alyssum.

 Free plants - look out for them in your garden!

A new sign - featuring very genuine 'distressing': no sandpaper created this effect, 100% authnetic weathering.

A few skirts snuck into the inventory (!) - a simple hanger on the porch made from flax stems: strong, lightweight... and happen to grow in abundance at the end of my driveway.

Blackboard painted door.

A new selection of prints - available for the first time, as an option, framed.

A strip of fabric rings the room - or it will, once more arrives!

And it was father-in-law to the rescue when this previously very rotten floorboard gave way during the week. I've decided to make a feature of the new board by gluing some decorative paper on, then sanding it back to distress it.

Had some fun in the sun this week, with a bucket of dye and a 2m length of fabric to create this dip-dyed tablecloth. Has dip-dyeing/ombre had it's day? I was inspired by all the shibori dyeing I've being seeing on Instagram lately.

Letting a little more wall space shine through, with a less is more approach to displaying.

More new frames - letting this very popular 'ABC' print shine in its own frame.

A good selection of cushions (and some great fabrics still to come!). Inners now available as an option - by popular request.

The empty frame strung as a display - not an original idea by any means, but very effective and orderly. These newish earrings are proving very popular.

Topped off with this lampshade crocheted in a lovely duck egg coloured wool.

Oh - and electricity! A simple pleasure that had been lacking since we moved sites.

I hope you'll come see for yourself soon.