Monday, 21 April 2014


Hope you've had a good Easter - perhaps one day left of the long weekend for Southlander's marking Anniversary Day - and of course for those of us embarking on the school holidays... here's how our Easter unfolded.

The Penny Drops kicked things off with an Easter giveaway...

We peppered our home with some Easter bunnies...

And baked some Easter goodies in the kitchen.

Our Easter cookies cutters got some further work at breakfast time, making some eggy bread.

On our sole outing, we hopped over to the Catlins to visit friends...
 There's also been a bit of time to restock some Penny Drops' old favourites...

Your chance to grab a new crown is pending: details soon....



Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Big is good

If you're not already convinced of the merits of size, check out this conversation from Facebook below: 

Awhina Russell Fine Art Photographer
I have been getting up to date with my work-load, I've just sent a huge order to my printer..... one has an amazing A0 sized Canvas in it....... (HUGE)... and it has the ocean in it.... and this is how my work is designed to be printed - it makes me happy when clients order big prints - exciting. 

My comment:
A0 is fabulosity. I have a frame that I regularly fill with an A0 print (photocopy quality but its ok for short rotation) and change up for big impact. But a canvas with one of your pics would be sensational!

Awhina replies:
An A0 Framed print is next on my list for my home  it’s a great idea swapping the print around! When I restructure - it will be more about 'big-prints' my work is meant be be printed big!!!!! to get the full impact. I have an A0 Canvas on display in my lounge, its magnificent!
 Fine Art Canvas too - delicious.

It's an op shop find. I fill with a print which I change every couple of months depending on season or whose birthday's in the family...

I need something made - so I can potentially sell it* and the print - I want non-reflective glass - I'll have to get some quotes around town*. 

Non reflective glass would be fab. But I don't suppose I can be too upset with my (bargain) find not being *perfect*. Have sent you a pm

We picked up the conversation here:

Sorry - didn't mean to hijack your post so will send this privately! Then afterwards i use the image to make bows etc...

...big has so much more impact. I sell everything that’s on display on my walls - so I really want to get a big framed print up….
That is a beautiful landscape is it one of your own photos?

The pic is at curio bay - in the foreground are my hubby and baby (getting his first look at the ocean) - they would be completely lost in a smaller print of this image. Big is good Without them, it would probably be quite a boring image.

I often feel that way (people get lost in my pics) when they're printed small. That is a really special pic!!!!! Not boring it has sentimental and emotional value attached to it which all good pictures should*

Just thinking excerpts of this conversation about pic size would make a good blog post...?


So there you are. Long story short: go big!

(Especially if you're fortunate enough to have an image taken by the seriously talented Awhina - if you haven't already - go. see. her. work. Amazing!!)