Tuesday, 30 June 2015

'Grassy' Table

The event relating to this baby turning two (time flies!) occurred a couple of weeks ago and happened to entail an inundation of tractors for the (not-so-) wee man.

I made this 'grassy' table topper for an under-utilised kids table at home and it's been such a hit that I thought I'd share the process.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Breakfast in bed

A Styling Challenge

The very moment I saw the news of a new styling challenge announced by Mel of the Styled Canvas blog I was in!

Thoughts quickly evolved to what's presented here... a child's room with a woodland-y theme (animals, foliage, rustic touches).

Pulling it together

A key aspect of the challenge is the 'requirement' to borrow a minimum of three items - I turned to a network of local 'working at home mums', and the promise of having their product styled, blogged and shared was tempting enough for my request to be accepted.

Kimberly from Willow Boutique lent me the gorgeous grey hoodie and was also the maker of the ombre cloud mobile (although this was borrowed from Alysia from DnA Jewlz - the mobile's new owner).

Helen from Hen's Things lent me the upcycled blanket cushion covers, with their beautiful applique.

Charlotte and her hubby (aka Mr and Mrs Knitwood of Knitwood Boutique) whip up amazing wooden and woollen creations - and shared one of their wooden crates for the challenge.

The remaining items (including rabbits) were sourced from home and my own, new, online shop: The Penny Drops.