Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Breakfast in bed

A Styling Challenge

The very moment I saw the news of a new styling challenge announced by Mel of the Styled Canvas blog I was in!

Thoughts quickly evolved to what's presented here... a child's room with a woodland-y theme (animals, foliage, rustic touches).

Pulling it together

A key aspect of the challenge is the 'requirement' to borrow a minimum of three items - I turned to a network of local 'working at home mums', and the promise of having their product styled, blogged and shared was tempting enough for my request to be accepted.

Kimberly from Willow Boutique lent me the gorgeous grey hoodie and was also the maker of the ombre cloud mobile (although this was borrowed from Alysia from DnA Jewlz - the mobile's new owner).

Helen from Hen's Things lent me the upcycled blanket cushion covers, with their beautiful applique.

Charlotte and her hubby (aka Mr and Mrs Knitwood of Knitwood Boutique) whip up amazing wooden and woollen creations - and shared one of their wooden crates for the challenge.

The remaining items (including rabbits) were sourced from home and my own, new, online shop: The Penny Drops.

Needless to say, this is not how my son's room usually looks, although is the regular position of his cot - which the side was removed from for the purpose of the shoot. (I loved the day bed look this gave it, but he is not ready to be given freedom to come and go from bed! So four sides on by the end of the day...)

In this north facing room, I struggled with the sun coming and going, choosing to take the photos during it's time behind clouds to keep harsh shadows to a minimum.

The rabbits were the easiest component of the shoot and you might be able to imagine the participation of an almost 2-year-old brought it's own 'dynamic'.

So there we go: Breakfast in Bed as styled by The Penny Drops, with help from friends! A fun interpretation of the challenge - probably not half as restrained or sophisticated as other challenge participants, and indeed Mel's own styling, will be, but I though the child's theme and associated whimsical touches would be my point of difference - can't wait to see what other's produce... and bring on August's new challenge :)

xx Mel


  1. Mel I absolutely love this. The first image is so dynamic and such a brilliant interpretation. That's why this is such a fun thing to do, I would never have imagined this scene. You've got some talented friend that you can borrow from too, keep those around! Your son and bunny are stars:) Thank you so much for joining in! Mel xx

    1. Thanks Mel - such a useless blogger am I that I'm only getting around to saying so now! Love the challenge concept - looking forward to trying something different for July: might borrow a whole different house for it as we're about to move out to allow renovations to proceed inside... might not be so pretty here ;)

  2. Popping in to say that I am a big fan of how you have interpreted this month's challenge. Our rabbit would never stay on the furniture so calmly!

    1. Our rabbits are that tame either - but as long as they're not on the ground they don't go far - it did take us three hours to catch them the one time they escaped outside... never again! Loved yours too Leanne - so looking forward to July's challenge :)