Tuesday, 30 June 2015

'Grassy' Table

The event relating to this baby turning two (time flies!) occurred a couple of weeks ago and happened to entail an inundation of tractors for the (not-so-) wee man.

I made this 'grassy' table topper for an under-utilised kids table at home and it's been such a hit that I thought I'd share the process.

Step one: Using a textured green fabric (this fluffy piece was on clearance at Spotlight), cut the fabric to size - allowing a 2-3inch margin around the outline of the table top. Round the corners.

Step two: Fold and pin the fabric in evenly around the sides - it's a bit tricky at the corners, which is why we cut them rounded, and the fluffy fabric will be forgiving of your tucks and folds ;)

Step three: Sew and make sure to leave a gap to insert the elastic in step four.

Step four: Thread a long piece of elastic through the 'casing' you've created around the edge - use a nifty gadget like this one if you have it, or a safety pin will do the job too. Tie a knot in the elastic to create a snug fit around the table.

Step five: enjoy! The texture of the fabric leaves track and hoof marks and could be embellished with felt 'ponds', 'rivers' or 'lanes'.

This cheap and easy covering has given this table a new lease on life in our household and hours of fun for a certain two-year-old (and his big sisters).

Let me know if you give it a go!

xx Mel

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