Saturday, 29 August 2015

The week that was

Auction wrap up

Two paintings went up for auction as planned on Thursday night - ahead of the Cancer Society's annual Daffodil Day fundraiser.

In total, across Facebook and Instagram, we raised $130, with thanks to the 2 successful and generous bidders, the under-bidders who drove the price (donation) up and the wider team that responded to the call to share and spread the word.

Truly a team effort.

The donations will be made directly to the Cancer Society in the next few days and the paintings will be on their way to their new homes.

Spring Cleaning

There's nothing about spring weather in Southland that negates the need for a scarf - and these two scarves will do their new owners good service well through the season.

Scarves were a new offering for The Penny Drops this year and were very popular.

Somewhat surprisingly, these two remained in the webshop, where they occupied space I have in mind for other things.

I bribed enticed you with an offer of free earrings to go with each scarf, and the offer was duly accepted - I'm sorry that there were only 2 scarves left as I know there were a few disappointed potential customers.

Behind the scenes

As an aside, here was the set up for the earring shot... all is not always as it seems in the world of product photography.

xx Mel

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Charity Art Auction II

All you need to know

We're just a couple of days out from The Penny Drops' Daffodil Day fundraising art auction.

The support crew have been fantastic at sharing and supporting the concept.

Facebook Auction

The auction of this painting will take place on The Penny Drops' Facebook page on Thursday from 7.30pm.

Bidders will post their bids in the comments section of a 'Bid Now' image/post.

A low reserve of $10 has been set and will cover postage to the highest bidder - depending on how it goes, there's the chance of scoring some seriously cheap art!

(Which of course is not the point when supporting a charity event...)

Increments will be at the discretion of the bidders: as little as $1, as much as... whatever you're up for!

Instagram Auction

The auction of this painting will take place on The Penny Drops' Instagram account on Thursday from 7.30pm.

Bids to be placed in the comments section.

I've never tried this concept via Instagram before so it will be interesting to see how it goes - especially as the geographic reach of this is restricted to NZ and Instagram doesn't seem to have the same penetration locally...

It's all very exciting and kind of terrifying, but all in support of a great cause, so hopefully goes well.


Monday, 24 August 2015

Charity Art Auction

Daffodil Day 2015

The countdown to spring is on which means that The Cancer Society's annual Daffodil Day fundraiser takes place this week.

This year, I've painted two pieces to auction off - one on The Penny Drops Facebook page and one on Instagram.

Mellow yellow

This vase of daffodils spilling offers a colour palette that's restful and gentle, with a pop of yellow that whispers of bravado and hope. 

[It's easy to understand why the Cancer Society chooses the daffodil as its symbol.]

The fluid brushstrokes bring the piece energy and promise of warm spring breezes... can you imagine the gauzy, linen curtains billowing in the background of this tabletop vignette?

Fields of hope

Moody, stormy skies preside over acres of spring daffodils in this piece. 

It's darker and turbulent, but offers hope in the gentle flight of birds soaring on the wind and the early burst of yellow in the field below.

Team work makes the dream work

In order to get the best result for the Cancer Society, I'm recruiting two teams.

Team A

The all important people who will bid on the item/s. 
Be ready on social media Thursday night from 7.30 and help us reach a worthy target for a cause which is (sadly) close to many New Zealander's hearts.

Team B

You might not be keen or able to bid on the piece/s, but can help spread the word and recruit for Team A.
This will be as simple as clicking on the 'like' button when you see a related Facebook post (this helps with Facebook's algorithm - which posts get seen) , sharing with friends and family, telling your colleagues about it, 're-gram' it if Instagram is your thing or 'pin' from this blog post on Pinterest.

I'll be sharing many reminders and updates as the week goes by and can't wait to see it unfold on Thursday - only a few days away!

Thank you in advance.

xx Mel

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fly me to the Moon

Moon cushions

The right 'space' for the moon

The moon is a source of fascination for every young child.

First spied on those special nights when you're driving home late - holding your head at an awkward angle to see the moon high in the night sky above the car's windows - or if you're in the unfortunate middle seat, leaning across your sibling's (probably uncooperative) lap to gain a peek.

A while ago I had this moon fabric printed and it has been hanging out, waiting not-so-patiently, to be made into these cushions.

It's day night had finally arrived.

Complete with black piping and a Japanese black and off-white 'rising moon' pattern on reverse.

For the space lover

In a child's bedroom, some might go all-out with a space themed decor: imagine glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, an astronaut duvet cover, lego rocket ships, a planet mobile and nasa posters. 

Undoubtedly, a moon cushion would look right at home here.

Modern monochrome

In an on-trend monochrome room, a moon cushion sits equally well at home among the many black and white elements, given context alongside an 'I love you to the moon and back' print.

It is equally comfortable with a pop of colour.

Just about anywhere

Elsewhere I can see the moon cushion sitting in a reading corner of a woodland-themed room - echoing the moonlit skies above the campfire in the forest clearing. Ah the whimsy.

Or if you're not the theme-y, matchy-matchy type of home decorator then, well, anything goes and a moon certainly goes.

All this talk of moons is enough to make you want to sing the day night away - and fortunately a tune that's not-so-annoying when stuck in your head.

Try it and see what I mean...

I'll settle for seeing what spring is like in Southland.

It's coming.

x Mel

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Glow-in-the-Dark Tooth Fairy Pillows

New Product

We lost a tooth.

She tucked it under her pillow and went to sleep.

Don't ask me how I know, but the tooth fairy never found the tooth.

The money was duly left, but the tooth's whereabouts remains a mystery.

Finding a solution

While tucking the children in the other night, I realised, in the pitch blackness of their shared bedroom, these pom poms I had made a garland from, actually did glow-in-the-dark - as promised. 

In fact quite brightly. 

(Enough to be quite a distraction for my 2 year old.)

Saturday, 15 August 2015

The Penny Drops joins Society 6

Custom printed photographic art - and a giveaway

About Society 6

Society 6 is a fabulous website where you can browse and buy art from thousands of artists around the world - now including The Penny Drops. 
On behalf of the artists, Society 6 produce the product of your choice using high quality materials and ship around the world.
The range of products upon which the images can be printed are vast, and include basics such as framed prints or canvas prints, through to cushion covers, duvet covers and shower curtains.

The Penny Drops on Society 6

I have chosen to include a range of photographic art in my Society 6 account.

Images include many taken locally in and around Southland, New Zealand and some from further afield.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Anderson's Park, Invercargill - A Fresh Perspective

DSLR Camera Tips and Tricks

Anderson's Park -The House

Mention Anderson's Park to anyone who knows it, and this is the image they will conjure: 

Described as "Neo-Georgian in style and set in 24 hectares of landscaped gardens, lawns and native bush", 'The House' is indeed a striking building - Category 1 Historic Places Trust no less. (Read more here)

Seeing it differently

Through the lens of the camera, it is possible to cast fresh eyes on familiar territory.

Creating Bokeh

TRICK: Try setting your camera to manual focus and pulling back, to allow the sunlight catching on the ripples of the water to sparkle and dance...

... or the hints of sun catching the windows of cars in the parking lot. The strong, recognisable form of Anderson's Park's famous Monkey Puzzle Tree, gives a clue as to the location of this dreamy shot.