Monday, 3 August 2015

Anderson's Park, Invercargill - A Fresh Perspective

DSLR Camera Tips and Tricks

Anderson's Park -The House

Mention Anderson's Park to anyone who knows it, and this is the image they will conjure: 

Described as "Neo-Georgian in style and set in 24 hectares of landscaped gardens, lawns and native bush", 'The House' is indeed a striking building - Category 1 Historic Places Trust no less. (Read more here)

Seeing it differently

Through the lens of the camera, it is possible to cast fresh eyes on familiar territory.

Creating Bokeh

TRICK: Try setting your camera to manual focus and pulling back, to allow the sunlight catching on the ripples of the water to sparkle and dance...

... or the hints of sun catching the windows of cars in the parking lot. The strong, recognisable form of Anderson's Park's famous Monkey Puzzle Tree, gives a clue as to the location of this dreamy shot.

Embrace a burst of sun flare

TIP: Allow the rays of the low winter sun to penetrate the image by setting a narrow aperture (high f/ number) (read more here):

Get up close

TIP: Tune into your surroundings to see the small details - like the foraging bee feeding on the flowers... 

... or the first burst of spring emerging.

A few fresh ideas to help inspire a weekend photography project. Let me know if you give any a go - I'd love to hear how you get on.

x Mel

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