Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Charity Art Auction II

All you need to know

We're just a couple of days out from The Penny Drops' Daffodil Day fundraising art auction.

The support crew have been fantastic at sharing and supporting the concept.

Facebook Auction

The auction of this painting will take place on The Penny Drops' Facebook page on Thursday from 7.30pm.

Bidders will post their bids in the comments section of a 'Bid Now' image/post.

A low reserve of $10 has been set and will cover postage to the highest bidder - depending on how it goes, there's the chance of scoring some seriously cheap art!

(Which of course is not the point when supporting a charity event...)

Increments will be at the discretion of the bidders: as little as $1, as much as... whatever you're up for!

Instagram Auction

The auction of this painting will take place on The Penny Drops' Instagram account on Thursday from 7.30pm.

Bids to be placed in the comments section.

I've never tried this concept via Instagram before so it will be interesting to see how it goes - especially as the geographic reach of this is restricted to NZ and Instagram doesn't seem to have the same penetration locally...

It's all very exciting and kind of terrifying, but all in support of a great cause, so hopefully goes well.


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