Monday, 24 August 2015

Charity Art Auction

Daffodil Day 2015

The countdown to spring is on which means that The Cancer Society's annual Daffodil Day fundraiser takes place this week.

This year, I've painted two pieces to auction off - one on The Penny Drops Facebook page and one on Instagram.

Mellow yellow

This vase of daffodils spilling offers a colour palette that's restful and gentle, with a pop of yellow that whispers of bravado and hope. 

[It's easy to understand why the Cancer Society chooses the daffodil as its symbol.]

The fluid brushstrokes bring the piece energy and promise of warm spring breezes... can you imagine the gauzy, linen curtains billowing in the background of this tabletop vignette?

Fields of hope

Moody, stormy skies preside over acres of spring daffodils in this piece. 

It's darker and turbulent, but offers hope in the gentle flight of birds soaring on the wind and the early burst of yellow in the field below.

Team work makes the dream work

In order to get the best result for the Cancer Society, I'm recruiting two teams.

Team A

The all important people who will bid on the item/s. 
Be ready on social media Thursday night from 7.30 and help us reach a worthy target for a cause which is (sadly) close to many New Zealander's hearts.

Team B

You might not be keen or able to bid on the piece/s, but can help spread the word and recruit for Team A.
This will be as simple as clicking on the 'like' button when you see a related Facebook post (this helps with Facebook's algorithm - which posts get seen) , sharing with friends and family, telling your colleagues about it, 're-gram' it if Instagram is your thing or 'pin' from this blog post on Pinterest.

I'll be sharing many reminders and updates as the week goes by and can't wait to see it unfold on Thursday - only a few days away!

Thank you in advance.

xx Mel

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