Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fly me to the Moon

Moon cushions

The right 'space' for the moon

The moon is a source of fascination for every young child.

First spied on those special nights when you're driving home late - holding your head at an awkward angle to see the moon high in the night sky above the car's windows - or if you're in the unfortunate middle seat, leaning across your sibling's (probably uncooperative) lap to gain a peek.

A while ago I had this moon fabric printed and it has been hanging out, waiting not-so-patiently, to be made into these cushions.

It's day night had finally arrived.

Complete with black piping and a Japanese black and off-white 'rising moon' pattern on reverse.

For the space lover

In a child's bedroom, some might go all-out with a space themed decor: imagine glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, an astronaut duvet cover, lego rocket ships, a planet mobile and nasa posters. 

Undoubtedly, a moon cushion would look right at home here.

Modern monochrome

In an on-trend monochrome room, a moon cushion sits equally well at home among the many black and white elements, given context alongside an 'I love you to the moon and back' print.

It is equally comfortable with a pop of colour.

Just about anywhere

Elsewhere I can see the moon cushion sitting in a reading corner of a woodland-themed room - echoing the moonlit skies above the campfire in the forest clearing. Ah the whimsy.

Or if you're not the theme-y, matchy-matchy type of home decorator then, well, anything goes and a moon certainly goes.

All this talk of moons is enough to make you want to sing the day night away - and fortunately a tune that's not-so-annoying when stuck in your head.

Try it and see what I mean...

I'll settle for seeing what spring is like in Southland.

It's coming.

x Mel

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