Tuesday, 8 September 2015

September's 7-Vignettes

Monthly Photo Challenge

7-Vignettes is a monthly challenge hosted on Instagram by the Australian blog The Interiors Addict.

Participants style  and photograph images and share on Instagram.


The themes set for each day of the challenge vary from month-to-month, and for September they were:
  1. Spring
  2. Mint
  3. Monochrome
  4. Natural
  5. Metallic
  6. Greenery
  7. Pattern

The Penny Drops' Vignettes

I embarked on the week with no over arching plan, taking it day-by-day to compose an image.

On day 1, I was scrambling in the gorse bushes to find some yellow flowers for my 'Spring' wreath. 
(A wreath for spring? Oh so original...)

Day 4 had me clambering up the bank on the side of our road for the toi toi and, by day 6, I was crawling under the trampoline for the long grass... which doubled as my Father's Day tribute to farming Dads.


It may be apparent that we're always inspired by nature at Penny Drops' HQ - both flora and fauna - so it seemed only fitting to have our family rabbits pop in a couple of times to participate.


Black rabbit 'Snowballs' is a real beauty. She's the larger but more timid of the two sisters and has 'wintered well'.

White rabbit 'Snowflake' is invariably the hardest to catch for a cuddle - but only the first time. She's quite the brave and snugly rabbit after her initial hesitation.

Rabbits have long been a motif/theme used by The Penny Drops - in fabric choices and original paintings. This Rabbit Print in my webshop remains one of my best selling items so I take from that, that you like them too.

Excellent. No wonder we get on so well ;)

x Mel

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