Sunday, 4 October 2015

DIY Easy 'Feather Flower' Tutorial

More School Holiday Crafting

Following on from our hat decorating activity, we had some left over feathers... they sat in a milk bottle/vase for a week while waiting to be put away properly... which gave me this idea.

Cue one windy Sunday afternoon and a girl at a loose end, we now have these striking adn super easy 'feather flowers'.

Easiest DIY ever

Assembling the last of our feathers (left over from 2 packs of feathers used initially to decorate 8 hats!), some washi tape and sticks, we were ready to go.


This DIY project is as simple as taping two feathers onto the end of a stick and placing in a vase.

We found it easiest to hold the tape in one hand, and twist the stick with the other, to wrap the tape a few times over the base of the feathers, thereby securing them to the stick.

It was easily managed by my just-turned-7-year-old - who decided to combine feather colours on some sticks and match the colours on other sticks.

These 'feather flowers' would make awesome party decorations, photo props or room decor - obviously any colour can be used to suit: en mass in white (or black) would be AMAZING!

Don't feel the need to reserve this activity for the kids to do - depending on the colours you use, this would bring delicious texture, a touch of boho and a layer of interest to a perfectly sophisticated ADULT room.

Please try this, and then share your photos on my Facebook page or tag me via Instagram: @thepennydrops.

x Mel