Monday, 23 November 2015

Monochrome Magic

A whole bunch of (locally made) goodness

I recently collaborated with a few other talented Southland-based artisans to pull together some styled shots of our collective products.

Love from Seventeen: laser cut wood products, Watch this Space: concrete items, chair , Willow Boutique: personalised' t-shirt, The Penny Drops: moons, prints, hobby horse, deer banner. ]

Moral of the story: you need not look far for beautiful, original, handcrafted, artisan products.

Stamp your style on your rooms and support local creatives. 

It's a win-win relationship.

I can't shake the vision of the unlikely event in which a bunch of multinational boardroom corporate folk celebrate the purchase of the t-shirt "Mrs Jones bought from our Invercargill store". 

I know for a fact that every 't-shirt' (or print, or concrete diamond or bear garland) you buy from a small, but aspirational, artisan will be hugely appreciated and rejoiced. 

You are important.

Where you buy this Christmas matters.

Whether you are motivated by supporting local business, fair trade workplaces, a mum working from home to support her family, a talented small scale artisan... think beyond the product and know you have the power to make a difference for people with your spending decisions.

Shopping beyond the high street - whether online, or at local markets or small boutiques - is an exciting adventure. In the words of Love from Seventeen's banner: "go find it!"

x Mel