Wednesday, 20 January 2016

DIY 2016 Calendar

Getting organised

So the year's underway. Slowly for some. With a hiss and a roar for others. (You?)

I went looking (in actual shops) the other day for some sort of wall planner and walked out determined to make my own.

Here's how I did it.

Choose a programme

I used Microsoft in Excel. You could use Word. Keep it simple - no need for fancy software.

Format a table

You'll need 4 columns per month. The columns are automatic if using Excel - insert a table if using Word.
Set your view so you can see the whole page and drag the columns for each month to fit the width of the page. Juggle them so columns 1, 3 and 4 are about the same width. Column 2 can be a skinny one.

Set row height so 31 lines (or rows) take up the length of the page and are spaced evenly.
I used the 'narrow margins' preset at and had my row height set at 0.85cm.

Insert data

In column 1, insert a long skinny picture of your choice - a holiday pic, the kids, something seasonal (a skiing photo for the winter months, beach for the summer months etc).

I found it easier to have these pre-cropped and saved. My pics were 1600 x 7130px.
Adjust width of column to fit if necessary - or further crop the image as needed.

Type the date numbers in the second column according to the month (29 days for Feb this year!).
Embolden the numbers corresponding to weekends in bold font.

Leave column three blank for writing day-to-day happenings/jobs/goals/appointments.
Though you could type in any birthdays or important events/anniversaries at this stage.

In the forth column - merge the cells, change font direction to vertical.
Choose a font you like, type the name of the month and enlarge to suit.

Hit print!

Print and display on clipboard. Or you could get it bound like a regular calendar.

Save and from year to year you only need to adjust the bold type - or skip this step above and you've got an infinity calendar for keeping track of birthdays year after year.

 Enjoy - would love to see pics if you give it a go!

x Mel

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