Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tropical watercolour leaves

New Paintings

Fresh new botanical-inspired art works using fluid and dreamy watercolour paints, which are so well suited to the subject matter: evoking leaves blowing in fresh tropical breezes.
These new paintings - all original pieces by artist Mel McKenzie - are available to buy via The Penny Drops' Etsy store.

Interior design WOW

Interior design experts declare "Plants are the new black" and like many of you I can't get enough of the real green variety in my home decor - but my love of foliage doesn't stop there.

Taking the mantra literally, I'm in love with this fresh series of tropical black watercolour leaf paintings now available in The Penny Drops' new Etsy store.

Original watercolours

One of my favourite features of these original paintings are the "tide lines" of the watercolour paint that can be seen within the crisp outline of the leaf - a classic feature of original watercolour art that gives the medium beautiful whimsy and unreplicable originality.

Statement Decor

The bold, graphic nature of the monochrome scheme is tempered by the soft translucency of the watercolour paint - ensuring these pieces are eye catching decor statements in your home. Afterall, who wants to buy art that sits meekly on the wall?


 Sizes to suit

The original paintings are available in standard sizes (A4, and A3) to ensure easy and plentiful framing options abound. I'd be more than happy to discuss custom A2 leaves if anyone was interested in really packing a punch!

Bringing the outdoors in is always a good idea, ensuring these watercolour artworks will be favourites for many years to come. Pop over the The Penny Drops' new Etsy shop and choose one (or two... or three!) for yourself.

x Mel

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