Sunday, 21 August 2016

Art on Tour

The Penny Drops' original paintings exhibited at Hello Sunday Cafe

Christchurch locals are now well familiar with the amazing Hello Sunday Cafe. You may have read about their second-year-in-a-row award winning haul at the Christchurch Hospitality Awards. Or read one of the many write ups and reviews: like this one, or this one, or this EPIC one...

So it's my greatest pleasure to have an exclusive selection of The Penny Drops' original paintings on display at this bustling, beautiful location.

Large Artworks on Canvas

There are 4 large canvases, each with a landscape theme and a largely blue palette. The explore barren rolling hills, large skies and deep sultry waters.

Caddy available here, Cushion available here, Book available here

 Framed pieces

Rope vessels and scarf available here

Three framed pieces* adopt a similar colour palette, although verging more into teal and greens. Even the abstract jewel-toned painting (foreground above) has its origins in an interpretation of a landscape scene. 

The scenes are painted on MDF boards and mounted on lush textured cardboard, signed and set in rustic wooden frames.

The opportunity to have The Penny Drops' art on display at Hello Sunday has been really exciting for me. Have you seen it?? Would love to hear what you thought!

x Mel


* The framed pieces all sold within a couple of hours but reinforcements are on their way!

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