Monday, 8 August 2016

Coiled rope baskets

These coiled rope baskets are among my favourite things in The Penny Drops' Etsy store.

The natural textures and tones are perfect for any home and they are such a practical item.

Storage for all sorts

I love using the baskets with a wooden bar as a resting place for books - making these baskets ideal as bedside (or couchside) storage: keep those favourite reading books close to hand. Of course, the baskets can also be used for kids toys, fruit, remotes, soaps (and other lotions and potions), those assorted bits and bobs that accumulate in every household, tools of your craft etc etc.

Tool caddy with driftwood handle

These caddies using driftwood for handles are each unique: made to fit the piece of wood. The driftwood is so tactile: beautifully smooth and weathered as nature does best. These are fabulous baskets for crafters to cart their tools around in, perhaps chasing the sunniest spot in the house and taking the tools of their trade with them with ease.

Or they just look amazing as they are - the wood gives them a sculptural quality.

Lids on baskets

Lids are something I'm keen to explore further - this first foray is the cutest thing ever: the wee flower on the lid is the perfect embellishment. I'd use this one for safe keeping of hair ties/clips etc. It almost looks like a wee toadstool. Did I mention cute?

Using your rope basket as a planter

The baskets are also fabulous as planters. This tall basket looks amazing with a cascade of greenery flowing from it. Being made of cotton rope the baskets are not waterproof but with the addition of a saucer or other 'water containment vessel', they are most definitely destined to hold plants.

Find this tall basket here

The possibilities are almost endless with these rope baskets, bowls and caddies. Did I mention hanging baskets and trays?? Yip, they're in the store too. Many of the piece are unique one-off items so they make fabulous - special - gifts. Such a thoughtful thing to give a present that is not only handcrafted, unique and beautiful, but practical too. 

Happy browsing :)

x Mel

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