Monday, 5 September 2016

DIY Framing Instructions for your Penny Drops art

Adding value to your art

If you own a piece of original art, you're already onto a winner. The subtle tones, textures, and, if you're really lucky brush strokes, add a rich depth that can't be captured in a print.

Frame that art and you take an eye-catching piece to next-level-amazing!

Assemble your tools

You'll need:
  • the artwork
  • a frame that's bigger than your painting
  • a piece of stiff card or paper (I use 300gsm watercolour paper)
  • a ruler
  • scissors
  • small tacks 
  • hammer
  • craft knife
  • double sided tape


When choosing your frame, it's best to look for a frame that has a back like this:

In my experience, the metal tabs can be gently bent to adjust for the variance in depth of the frame's contents after the wood panel has been added - the objective being to not crack the glass!

Getting started

If the matt board that comes with your off-the-shelf frame has an opening that's smaller than the artwork, you can use this in place of the card.

However, if the opening in the matt board is bigger than your artwork, remove the matt board that comes with the frame. Use this to cut the card/stiff paper to size and then discard - it has no further use in this project.

You should now have a piece of card the same size as the glass and backing.

Cut two strips of double sided tape
  1. to affix the card to the backing board, and 
  2. to stick the artwork to the card - use the ruler to find the centre - horizontally at least; you may like to position the artwork slightly higher in the frame so a larger white area is at the bottom. 

The tape isn't strictly necessary, but adds some security to the process and ensures the art doesn't wriggle while being tacked in place.

Putting it together

 Place a tack in each hole and gently press in as far as you can with your thumb. Then using the hammer VERY CAREFULLY tap the tack in fully. You could place a layer or two of cloth over the tacks during this step to cushion the artwork.

Depending on the thickness of your backing card, the tip of the tacks may poke through so make sure you are doing this on a surface that can cope with a couple of little pricks ;)

Position the frame face down - with (clean) glass in place - and carefully invert your mounted artwork and place onto the glass. Add the backing board and gently fold down the metal tabs to hold it all together.

All that remains is to find a place to hang or sit your completed artwork and ENJOY!

x Mel

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