Thursday, 15 September 2016

The hanging basket's moment in the sun

'World famous' in Aotearoa

The latest issue of New Zealand's hugely popular Your Home and Garden magazine has hit the stands and arrived in the mailboxes of subscribers (of which I am one).

Being about as far away from the distribution point as it's possible to get, I was one of the last to receive the mag... but so worth the wait!

I had no idea the hanging baskets were to be included (page 16 if you're looking for them), but had been alerted by eagle-eyed Penny Drops supporters before receiving my copy.

So this morning, sunshine yellow seems an appropriate choice for my bedroom's hanging basket.

Original watercolor wall art
Elephant wall hook from Trade Aid
Leaf art an original from The Penny Drops - similar pieces available here

Coiled rope hanging basket

One of my favourite features of these baskets is the way they sit so gently against the wall. The soft rope won't scratch or rub your wall finishing. And there's plenty of airflow around the basket so it won't build up condensation or moisture.

Master bedroom decor

If you're interested in these baskets for your own home, you buy them individually here.

Or if you want more than one - perhaps one for you and some for gifts, or because you know you'll want one in the bathroom, the kid's room AND your kitchen - you can save when buying three by using this listing.

Spring flowers in hanging planter

Isn't spring the best time of year!?

xx Mel

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