Thursday, 3 November 2016

Nursery design made simple

Congratulations: you're pregnant!

You've just peed on The Stick. 2 lines have appeared.

There's so much to do:
  1. Find a midwife. 
  2. Work out how to discreetly not drink that wine until you're ready to tell people. 
  3. The Pregnancy Announcement. 
  4. Figure out if you can eat that cheese. 
  5. Figure out if there's anything you can eat that won't make you vomit.
  6. Buy maternity clothes.
  7. Decide whether to find out the sex. 
  8. Pee.
  9. Choose a name - or two depending on #7
  10. The Gender Reveal - or not, also depending on #7
  11. Antenatal classes.
  12. Pee.
  13. Write a birth plan.
  14. Waddle.
  15. Pack the hospital bag.
  16. Pee.
  17. Labour.
You could be forgiven for ranking nursery design way down the list. Afterall, the baby's not going to care for a (long) while.

How to Design a Nursery

Fortunately, nursery design is as simple as choosing 'The One Piece'. 
Just one. 
The trick is, you have to fall in love with it.

Original Art for Inspiration

Original bird artwork
Find this original painting here
Let's say your One Piece is some art - this bird painting.

There's a strong shot of dusky cobalt blue. Find a cushion in that colour. Some mushroomy undertones - buy a rug to match. A delicious peachy pink - find or make a garland that repeats this colour. Classic white - choose a cot and furniture with a white finish. Dark charcoal is a great option for bedding and a comfy chair for those midnight feeds. 

A Timeless Keepsake

See how simple that was? A cohesive room, that's stylish and practical. It gives you a base that won't be outgrown too fast (no cartoon characters to tire of) and (here's the best bit) a piece of original art that your baby will have (and hopefully) treasure forever - long after the onesie has been grown out of and the cot is flogged on Trade Me.

A Unisex Nursery Design Plan

Abstract painting Grey original art
Find this original painting here
Alternatively the painting above could be The One Piece. A beautiful sage-y green feature colour - can work with either boy or girl depending on #7 in the list above. Choose a cot quilt in this soft, timeless shade. White again for the hard furniture. Shots of mustard would be repeated beautifully in a velvet cushion on the grey feeding chair you choose. A rug with black details - perhaps aztec/tribal pattern, that's also going to be comfy for when your little one eventually gets moving. Bring in some natural textures with some storage baskets - the freckled basket below repeats the colours perfectly (just by chance).

Coiled rope basket pom poms
Gorgeous nursery/toy storage found here

Share Your Piece

You can even make The One Piece known to your friends and family so they can buy you gifts that you are going to want to keep because they work with your chosen aesthetic and compliment the room beautifully.

Original art for nursery

Fall in love with your One Piece and the rest is a formula that even the most addled baby brain can work out.

x Mel

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