Saturday, 11 March 2017

Our Farmhouse

Chasing the light

This week our home - and its post-renovation photos - were shared on Habitat by Resene's website.

We moved into the family home on the farm, in the depths of a Southland winter, nearly four years ago and at the time 8.5 months pregnant with baby number 3.

The farmhouse had already been significantly updated from its original state by my in-laws, with a new kitchen, bathroom, extensive decking and more contemporary wall colours (paint and paper).

The brief

Our growing family desired a forth bedroom, a second bathroom, an office, central heating, a new roof, a better connection with an enlarged back garden and, perhaps most importantly, more light.

Here are just a few photos of the renovated farmhouse - and because I'm a habitual rearrange-er, things already look different to when these photos were taken - so maybe that's a blog post for another day...

Welcome to our home

An existing foyer now doubles as a piano room and the new double doors with glass better connect the interior of the house to the entrance.

The new bedroom used to be part of an open plan living area. We closed it in, squeezed in the world's smallest ensuite and enjoy the first rays of the sun across the valley each morning.

Laminate wood flooring was a no brainer for us after having carpet under the dining table in previous homes: kids + food + carpet = mess.

We dub this 'The Library'. A massive built in cabinet has loads of storage underneath for kids toys and big shelves for books and other treasures.

Look at all the light! The window seat - especially with the bi-folding windows thrown open - are a favourite place to spend an afternoon reading. This part of the house was an extension. It grabs all the afternoon sun and gives us so much space.

The completed farmhouse is a dream to live in and worth all the time, money and chilly winter days.

See the full blog post on the Habitat blog here:

x Mel


  1. Oh wow your house is gorgeous. Must be so refreshing to relax in!

    1. Thanks Anna! Yes - must remember to schedule 'relax' into the week more often ;)

  2. gorgeous! I really admire your design skills and of course your beautiful art Mel. ❤