Monday, 7 October 2019

School Holiday Activity 2

Week 2 of Spring Holiday

Boredom buster freebie

Week 2 is underway and whether you can't wait to get back to school routine or are still loving the lazy mornings, there might be moments when "I'm bored" rings in your ears...

This fun activity is less 'technical' than the last, but every bit as creative. In fact - there's a LOT of fun to be had with this one.

The original sketch for this piece was done as part of a routine of drawing practice: repetition breeds mastery. I offered similar pieces in groups for a limited time in my Etsy store - with the 'catch' being: you didn't know which piece you would receive until it arrived to you. That was a fun way to embrace affordable, original art and also gives this sketch the perfect alignment with this 'Surprise!' themed activity. 

Fold her mouth according to the instructions* and colour her in as you prefer. Her mouth can be given teeth and a tongue, ask a joke, recite a motivational quote or ... you decide!
Alternative versions of the print out include these with the 'enclosed' words: BOO! or 'You are wonderful' :)


 Enjoy - and, as before, I'd love you to share your finished piece/s with me!

x Mel

*Fold the bottom lip up to the top lip - with the straight lines on top of each other (hold the page against a window so you can see through the paper if it helps to line it up). Crease the bottom lip along the straight line and fold down so you can see it. Pull the bottom of the page to open her mouth.

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